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Why we don’t sell cars ……………………………… curious but true

We help people not to buy cars. We do this because if it’s not right for you this will spoil your experience and our future relationship. We value our customers and want to keep you for a long time not just one purchase. If you’re already a customer and it’s not time to change, we will suggest the optimum time to change based on our experience and set a time to discuss again

We retain. Customers come back and buy from us again and again because we focus on satisfaction, enjoyment and ease of transaction. A car bought from us is worth more to us than other dealers as well. We also retain family’s business, once you’ve had one you tend to have another!

We demonstrate. If you can see it, touch it, feel it, you will be best placed to make an informed decision.

We consult. Customers like a consultative selling approach on a new vehicle. This is because it’s the second biggest purchase you’ll ever make therefore nobody should rush it. Of course, if you want a car there and then we will assist that purchase straight away but it’s unusual for the purchase of something so big to be so quick. Customers come back to us sometimes a year after initial enquiry, we retain your details and rework the offer according to your needs when the time is right.

We recommend. We do this on basis of industry experience and our knowledge of double digits in the motor trade! You can’t buy experience,

We advise. With 5,000 customers actively using us we have a lot of experience to share. If you’re unsure of what would be best an example of another customer with similar needs

We only help people buy. Will always help our customers buy a car, but we don’t sell cars. It’s not a style we’re comfortable with our sales department performing

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